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The Blessings of Ramadan, PT Krakatau Posco Distributes Thousands of Food Packages

Apr 29, 2020

The Blessings of Ramadan, PT Krakatau Posco Distributes Thousands of Food Packages

Bantennews.co.id | 19:06 WIB

CILEGON – PT Krakatau Posco distributed thousands of food packages to underprivileged residents of Cilegon City. This is carried out as a form of company support that is committed to contribute positively to society in a sustainable manner.

Through this activity, the company would like to invite all the people of Cilegon City to remain patient and obey health protocols in order to fight the Covid-19 pandemic which its existence still impacts people's livelihoods.

Although in a challenging business situation due to the impact of the pandemic that has not ended since last year, PT Krakatau Posco continues to try to organize social activities to provide benefits to the surrounding community.

In this event, various elements at Krakatau Posco, including the Board of Directors, Management, Employees, Krakatau Posco Employee Union (SKKP), Ayo Semangat, KPSE, and KPFA were actively preparing food packages. The work was divided into several days until finally the total food packages were fulfilled.

While continuing to implement strict Covid-19 prevention protocols such as washing hands, using masks, gloves, and also maintaining a social distancing, mutual assistance activities to prepare assistance are carried out to ease the burden on the community, especially in areas closest to Krakatau Posco and supporting companies as well as to several orphanages in Cilegon City.

In his remarks, Cahyo Antarikso as Director of HR & GA of Krakatau Posco expressed his appreciation to all parties involved in good activities in this month of Ramadan. Cahyo advised that during the implementation of activities and distribution, health protocols can still be implemented with a full sense of responsibility. He also hopes that this activity can have a positive impact on the surrounding community.

"Hopefully this activity and the donations given can bring value to the recipient community, which consists of several orphanages in Cilegon City and the area closest to the Krakatau Posco Integrated Steel Factory," he said, Friday (7/5/2021).

In collaboration with the local government, especially the Kelurahan, the packages of basic food items are distributed to the heads of families who need it most in the Ciwandan, Cangkil, and other areas. Not only that, assistance was also delivered to several orphanages in Cilegon City.