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Collaborating with PT BIA and Smile Train, Lantamal XI Merauke Held Harelip Surgery

Apr 29, 2020

Collaborating with PT BIA and Smile Train, Lantamal XI Merauke Held Harelip Surgery

Suara.merauke.go.id | 17:43 WIB

Lantamal XI Merauke held a Free Harelip Surgery Social Service for the establishment of Kampung Bahari Nusantara (KBN), Tuesday (08/06) at the Merauke Navy Hospital.

This harelip surgery was carried out thanks to the collaboration between Lantamal XI Merauke, Smile Train and PT. Bio Inti Agrindo (BIA), as part of the KBN program in the health sector.

"Today we are carrying out cleft lip surgery for the people of Merauke and its surroundings. We are partnering with Smile Train and PT. BIA," said Danlantamal XI Merauke, Brigadier General (Mar) Wurjanto, M. Han in his remarks at the opening of the activity at the Navy Hospital.

Danlantamal said as many as 15 people registered for surgery was handled by the Navy Hospital medics. Not to forget, Danlantamal expressed his gratitude to all those who have tried to help, in order to make this social activity a success.

Of the total those who were ready for surgery, seven was children, and the rest was adults. They mostly come from outside the City of Merauke because in Merauke City itself, it is rare for people to be born with harelip that has not been done a surgey yet.

“We, from the Navy are looking for up to Muting so that people can take advantage of the opportunity while it's free. Because the cost is quite expensive for harelip surgery," continued the Head of the Merauke Navy Hospital, Marine Major (K) dr. D. Nursito.

Further, said Major Nusito, after the operation the patient will be treated to stay overnight for 24 hours while observing postoperative complaints. Prior to that, health workers screened for Covid-19 and during the handling process implemented health protocols.

The same opportunity, Jr Manager Representative Office PT. BIA Merauke, Erwan said, internally PT. BIA has a stakeholder program, namely harelip surgery. Coincidentally, it coincided with KBN activities so it was agreed to run together.

"This means that we complement each other and participate in each other, because we have partnered with Lantamal XI for a long time. This is one of the functions of investing in Merauke Regency, namely how to help ease the burden on the community," said Erwan.

This good cooperation was marked by the handing over of a plaque from Mr. Lee Con Hoo to Danlantamal XI Merauke.